Strategic evaluation of opportunities and R&D needs for water management in piggeries

Project goal

Explore new opportunities for water management in Australian piggeries.

Project summary

Australian pork industry has long been committed to environmentally sustainable production. The pork industry has already adopted significant water savings initiatives such as well-designed drinkers, the use of treated effluent for shed flushing, or deep litter systems in suitable climates but there are other opportunities that have not yet been properly explored

Value for producers:

  • Set priorities for research that will improve piggery water management in the future


  • Future research in the area of piggery water management should explore:
  1. Understanding the relationship between recycled water quality and production performance factors like pig health and antimicrobial use
  2. Clarifying guidelines and requirements for treated wastewater quality for the application of effluent irrigation and wastewater treatment
  3. Development of cost-effective water conservation methods and wastewater treatment and recycling approaches for piggeries
Research enquiries