How do you know if you’re buying Australian pork?

When you’re buying Aussie ham or bacon, look for the pink ‘Australian Pork’ label. That way you’ll know you’re buying Australian pork.  

You can also check the bar chart underneath the green and gold kangaroo. If the bar is 90% full or more, you can be sure you're buying Australian pork. 

All fresh pork sold in Australia is grown in Australia. 

Why can bacon and ham be imported into Australia?

In Australia, we currently don’t produce enough pork to make all the ham and bacon we eat. For this reason, some imported pork must be used to make ham and bacon.  
For more information, go to buying Australian bacon and ham

What are some key industry facts?

How much does pork contribute to the Australian economy? 

$5.2 billion per year.


How many registered pig production sites are in Australia? 

As of 2017, there were 2,700.  


How many full-time jobs in the industry? 

As of 2017, there were 36,000. 


How big is the Australian sow herd? 

Between 2016-2017, the sow herd count was 286,000.  


For more industry facts, download our Industry Snapshot.  

What is swill feeding?

Swill feeding is also known as Prohibited Pig Feed. It’s illegal to swill feed in Australia.  


Swill feed refers to food substances that should not be fed to pigs. This includes: 

  • Meat 

  • Any meat products or food that has come into contact with meat 


Swill feeding is a significant factor in the introduction and spread of many animal diseases, including African swine fever.  


For more information about swill feeding, visit Animal Health Australia.

How do I register my pigs?

You can register your pigs on PigPass.  
PigPass is the national tracking system for pigs. It records movements in real-time. In an emergency or disease outbreak, PigPass can help authorities quickly find the source and notify the affected area.

What do I do if my pigs have unusual symptoms of sickness?

If your pigs show unusual symptoms of sickness immediately contact: 

  • Your vet 

  • The Emergency Animal Disease Hotline on 1800 675 888, or  

  • PorkSafe on 1800 084 499