Elected Producer Director

B.Comm, Former CA, GAICD, Director of Blantyre Farms Pty Ltd

Ms Beveridge commenced her career as an accountant but her agricultural background drew her back to the agricultural industry.  Ms Beveridge is a Director of Blantyre Farms Pty Limited which carries on a mixed farming enterprise including a 2,200 sow farrow to finish farm at Young in NSW.

Ms Beveridge has a particular interest in emerging, innovative and disruptive technology and business methods.  The Blantyre farming operations include a methane digestion system; power generation and recycling of food waste products for pig feed.

In addition to strategic and operational responsibilities for Blantyre Farms, Ms Beveridge is also involved in the industry as Deputy Chair NSW Farmers Pork Committee and as an APL delegate. Consistent with her interest in renewable energy, Ms Beveridge is a Director of Hydro Power Pty Ltd.

In her role on the APL Board, Ms Beveridge is a member of the Audit, Risk and Corporate Governance, Investment and People and Culture Committees.