Filling an Elected Director casual vacancy 

Executive General Manager - Pork Division at JBS Australia 

Mr Horsham started his career working for Tesco, the UK’s largest retailer in senior roles focused on category management, procurement and product development. After running multiple different food categories, Mr Horsham then gained considerable experience in meat marketing and supply chain whilst running all meat categories including pork. Mr Horsham was also one of the founders of the Tesco Producer Club and the Tesco International Buying office.

Mr Horsham moved to Australia with Coles in 2007 and was heading up the Coles brand team with a focus on developing the private label strategy and growth of the Coles brand. Mr Horsham then joined Australia’s largest meat company in 2011 and is still with JBS. Mr Horsham has held multiple senior roles with JBS, running business units and supporting the new business’s including Primo. More recently, JBS acquired Rivalea and Mr Horsham is currently working on the integration as well as bringing some of the JBS expertise to this business.

Mr Horsham has worked with APL for the past 5 years through the marketing development committee, export committee, and is currently a member of the investment committee.